How to Market Law Firms on Social Media

Oh, social media – the ever-changing landscape of likes, shares, and hashtags. It’s not just for sharing your vacation snaps anymore; it’s also a powerful tool for law firm marketing!  However, that’s only the case if you choose your platforms wisely, develop a strategy, and don’t get caught in the same traps that so many […]

Why Your Law Firm Needs a YouTube Marketing Agency: A Comprehensive Guide

When you’re marketing your legal firm, a thought constantly lingering in the back of your mind is, ‘how do I differentiate myself from competitors?’ While retail brands can create a super playful persona that helps them stand out from the crowd, law firms have to be careful not to jeopardize their reputation for professionalism.  So […]

The Influence of Community on Your Law Firm

*Your business community is the backbone of your law firm. It builds morale, offers support, and drives you company to new clientele* Growing your business is at the forefront of every small business owner’s mind. Refining a business community, building an online presence, and establishing a positive rapport within your local community are all major […]

Confidently Protect & Scale Your Law Firm

*To Scale your Law Firm is the goal for every attorney on the block, but you can’t get it done without the proper protections and systems in place* Meet Crystal Potts. Crystal owns and operates two businesses – she is the founder of Potts Legal as well as The Systems Edit. Potts Legal is a law firm that […]

How to Create Clarity in Your Business

Clarity in business is a goal attorneys and business owners should continually strive for in their careers.  Business clarity ensures advancement in your marketing, business plans, finances, social media relationships, and more.  What does clarity in business really mean?  Why is business clarity important?  Having a full grasp on your business is one of the […]

The 4 C’s for Attorneys

The 4 C’s for attorneys is much the same as the 4 C’s for grading diamonds. Consistency, clarity, community, and conversion are strong characteristics law firms need to become high-quality, top-ranking industry leaders.  Mastering the art of a successful law firm requires infinite hours of hard work and dedication. Cutting your company into multiple facets […]

Completing a Competitive Marketing Analysis for an Estate Planning Firm

Completing a Competitive Marketing Analysis for Your Estate Planning Firm Competitive marketing analysis will help identify where your estate planning firm stands against its competitors. A market analysis will give direct insight into your company’s and competitors strengths and weaknesses. From there, your business can develop a marketing blueprint that can help your business grow […]

LinkedIn Advertising Rules for Lawyers

LinkedIn advertising rules for lawyers can be tricky.  Attorneys work under strict ethical guidelines, and every aspect of their business must conform to these standards. 92% of businesses use LinkedIn as a part of their digital marketing strategy so it’s important for lawyers to use the social media platform as well, but what constitutes advertising […]

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers and Why It’s Important

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers can be easy to overlook if you’re not aware of how fundamental it can be for your law firm.  Your social media channels have the potential to reach hundreds of millions of clients while also helping you stay current with your competitors.  The idea of liking, sharing, commenting, and scrolling […]

Social Media Ethics Certified for Law Firms

Social media ethics and maintaining a digital presence that is professional, inclusive, and safe is as much an integral part of a law firm as trust, confidentiality, and attorney-client privilege.  We know how imperative a digital presence is to law firms, and we’ve seen how detrimental it can be when ethical mistakes are made and […]