Social Media Ethics Certified for Law Firms

Social media ethics and maintaining a digital presence that is professional, inclusive, and safe is as much an integral part of a law firm as trust, confidentiality, and attorney-client privilege. 

We know how imperative a digital presence is to law firms, and we’ve seen how detrimental it can be when ethical mistakes are made and reputations are at stake. 

Lawsome Digital is ethically certified in social media and educated in facing the ethical challenges that many professionals and scholars struggle with on a daily basis. 

What is a Social Media Ethics Certification?

Social Media Ethics Certification is a fundamental look at digital presence, social media communities, and their users. The certification helps build practical skills in professional profiles, audience structure, social media influence, analytics, and communication.

Ethics Foundations

This Certification can be broken down into 5 foundations:

  1. Social Media Concepts: How technology intertwines with the private sectors and the concepts of the client’s self-representation, online identity, and publishing.
  2. Collaborative Practices of Social Media Users: Thorough examination of a social audience, the difference between platforms, and understanding the participatory culture behind users. 
  3. Participatory Culture & Media Organizations: Exploring the tensions surrounding the concepts of cultural production, institutions, cultural intermediation, creativity, and art.
  4. Social Media Data Analytics: Collecting, interpreting, and integrating larger scale analytics in order to target larger users and networks. 
  5. Ethics in Social Media: Examining social media and studying how to use the data in appropriate and beneficial ways. 

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