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What is the best digital marketing strategy for small law firms?

The best digital marketing strategy for any small law firm is to develop a digital presence that will gain visibility and draw in potential clients. Small firms should focus on creating an informative website to showcase their firm, advertise online using PPC and Social Media ads, and build your online brand as much as possible! Your website should be up-to-date, well designed, and should utilize content marketing tactics such as regular blogging, SEO, and maintain an active social media presence.

Investing in digital advertising like Google Ads and Social Media ads can drive a massive amount of traffic and potential customers to visit your law firm’s website. Don’t forget to measure goals along the way – pay attention to data that tells you how successful you’ve been so far in targeting and engaging potential new customers. Talk to our team at Lawsome Digital to develop your digital marketing strategy for 2023!

How do you connect with your clients? Are there frequently asked questions about your law firm you would love to answer just once? Law firm video marketing and production is a great way to provide your clients with valuable resources and showcase your individual expertise while also increasing traffic, growing your social media, and generating leads. 

OK, small law firms need to get on social media ASAP and stay active. Local firms need to draw some attention and stay relevant in the community to be remembered. The idea is to stay in the back of your clients mind when they need you most.

This is a big one. With instant gratification at its peak, most searches are moving online- and when someone needs an attorney, they typically need one fast. Law firms need to stay on top of their PPC and Social Media game in order to get new clients. Leveraging Google ads, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok, these avenues can put your firm right in front of a potential searcher who is looking for the exact legal service that you offer! 

Buyer Beware – Watch out, these platforms will happily take your money while producing you little to no results. It is best to have an experienced marketing company (like Lawsome Digital 😉 to manage your PPC & Social Media Ads.

An effective PPC strategy should stick to your budget, while reaching the right audiences. Taking advantage of social media tools can help you develop solid relationships with existing and new viewers, leading to more conversions. It can also increase brand awareness the more your potential customers see your ads!

SEO is one of the most effective ways for law firms to stand out online and show up for the exact legal service they offer! A well-executed SEO strategy can help law firms boost their website in the search engines. By optimizing your website with the right keywords, providing relevant content, setting up directory links and backlinks, and answers questions that your readers might be asking,you can create a solid online presence that boosts your visibility and draws in more leads. 

Investing in a solid SEO strategy with an awesome company like Lawsome Digital will pay dividends for years to come!

Do you have an old outdated slow website with blurred images, links that don’t work, outdated content and image, how can you expect a potential client to trust your firm? Well, it’s time to build a better website! This is your image to a potential customer looking to use your legal services, and you want it to look trustworthy and professional!

Stand out from the competition with a modern, user-friendly website by our team at Lawsome Digital! We can build a design featuring clear navigation, absolutely stunning visuals, and helpful content that provides value to your visitors. 

With an AWESOME website in place, you’ll be able to make sure new leads find your firm easily and quickly convert those leads into paying clients!

Digital newsletters and email marketing are an Awesome way for your law firm to get more clients. Digital newsletters keep your firm at the top of your clients mind by providing content that is both informative and entertaining, while email marketing does basically the same thing with a more targeted approach to soliciting new clients.

Both methods are cost-efficient, allowing firms to maximize ROI without spending a fortune. When used correctly, digital newsletters and email marketing can be valuable tools that open up new opportunities for your firm to increase their client base.

You have to build great content to stand out online! Vlogging, webinars, podcasting, blogging, YouTubing, and really any form of content are Awesome tools that attorneys should take advantage of to reach more clients!

By building content around your clients’ needs and concerns, your law firm can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise to gain the trust of new clients. Podcasts in particular provide a unique opportunity for attorneys to show off their talents by addressing various topics related to the legal field such as current cases, recent verdicts, or changes in regulation. As the world turns to platforms like video streaming services for informative content, every law firm should get onboard and start building some Awesome content!