Get a Year's Worth of Customized Social Media Content

It’s time to say no to more late nights trying to come up with relatable, engaging, and educational social media posts for your Estate Planning Law Firm, are we right?!

Your time should be spent doing what you Know & Love

When you were in law school, were you dreaming about all the ways you’d eventually need to market your firm to connect with and build an audience and carve out your place in the market? Of course not! Not then. Not now.

Estate Planning Marketing Package | Lawsome Digital

Consistency is Key to Creating and Growing a Community

Social media is the most efficient way to build the heart-centered community you’re looking to create around your firm, and consistency is the key to sustainable growth.

But the most frustrating, intense, and time-consuming part of social media outreach is writing the posts, day in and day out… each and every week.

This Offer is Exclusive to our Clients

Have 100+ unique social media posts at your disposal

Customized posts that are ready to be inserted into your digital marketing campaigns with the click of a finger, including royalty-free images, text, and hashtags already curated for Estate Planning Attorneys like yourself.

Build a Competitive Edge in Your Local Community

We give our clients the true competitive edge by only offering our innovative, results-driven, connection-building tools, to one client per area code* to eliminate any chance of nearby competition having the same content!

Your Ethically Certified Marketing Team

Our women-run digital marketing agency has years of experience supporting awesome attorneys who want to build a heart-centered community around their firm.

Here’s What You Get with our Exclusive Social Media and Digital Marketing Package


100 sample posts, ready to be customized with your firm’s graphics and colors + 10 bonus posts if you sign up by January 30th!


Marketing strategy session ($250 value), logo, font, and color selection branding board ($500 value), and posts customized with staff, city, and firm info.


Social media and marketing calendars that guide you through what to post, when to post it, and what else you can do to make your marketing plan pop!


2 personalized 1-on-1 hour training sessions with your dedicated marketing expert on how to make your marketing more efficient and effective.

More Posts

We're here to help you grow your online presence, and additional graphic packages are available upon request.

More Strategizing

We love helping our awesome clients take the next step-up in their marketing efforts, and additional training sessions with us are also available upon request.

Purchase a years worth of social media content and other marketing tools for your Estate Planning business for only $2,500!

Filling out our intake form does not obligate you to purchase, but it does allow you to schedule a call with our team so we can confirm your area code is still available and begin the process of customizing your content for your firm’s unique needs. Upon completion, our team will reach out to you to begin the process! We look forward to making your firms content awesome!

We take our job seriously, and we’re here to guide you.

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