LinkedIn Advertising Rules for Lawyers

LinkedIn advertising rules for lawyers can be tricky. 

Attorneys work under strict ethical guidelines, and every aspect of their business must conform to these standards.

92% of businesses use LinkedIn as a part of their digital marketing strategy so it’s important for lawyers to use the social media platform as well, but what constitutes advertising on the platform?

Are lawyers allowed to advertise on LinkedIn?

Yes! According to the American Bar Association (ABA) Rule 7.2 Rule on Communication of Services, a lawyer can communicate information about what they do on any platform, but there are regulations as to what can be shared. 

Creating a simple LinkedIn profile or page of a lawyer &/or your law firm, that includes only current & past employment does not constitute advertising, but when accolades and services are thrown into the mix, ethics and regulations come into play. 

Attorney Advertising on LinkedIn

Attorney LinkedIn activity constitutes attorney advertising if it meets ALL FIVE of the following criteria:

  1. It is a communication made by or on behalf of the lawyer.
  2. The primary purpose of the LinkedIn content is to attract new clients to retain the lawyer for pecuniary gain.
  3. The LinkedIn content relates to the legal services offered by the lawyer.
  4. The LinkedIn content is intended to be viewed by potential new clients; and 
  5. The LinkedIn content does not fall within any recognized exception to the definition of attorney advertising.

LinkedIn Advertising Rules for Lawyers

Review the ABA regulations and compare them to your state bar making sure to incorporate the practices into the LinkedIn advertising for your law firm. 

  1. Don’t make false or misleading statements. 
  2. Never say you’re an expert or specialist. 
  3. Don’t solicit clients from a specific person or group.
  4. Include a physical address, if necessary. 
  5. Include any pertinent attorney information.  

Be sure to check all of the requirements for your particular area. Each state has different regulations and requirements regarding advertising. 

Attorneys should also regularly monitor their social media accounts or have an ethically certified law firm marketing team to ensure all posted information is accurate and ethical. 

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