Lawyer Blog Topics

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Keeping a fresh list of lawyer blog topics ready for your firm is a great way to have creative content at the ready

Lawyer Blog Topics

Adding new content to your website regularly will keep prospective eyes on your law firm and help develop fresh referrals and business relationships. 

How do you create new content if you don’t know what to write about? 

There are a vast array of topics to be discussed, and what you write about should be relatable, should ethically answer questions, and should provide your target market with resourceful knowledge. 

Lawyer Categories

Keeping your lawyer blog post topics fresh and up to current events will help your SEO rankings, help garner more traffic to your site, and help grow a loyal following for your writing. 

The following lawyer blog topics can fall under 5 separate categories:

  1. Industry Insights
  2. Lists & Learning
  3. Showcases & Spotlights
  4. Firm Announcements
  5. Community & Networking

Lawyer Blog Topics

  1. Industry Insights: This lawyer blog topic category is a great place to write content pertaining to breaking news on high profile cases, new legislation or developments in the law, local headline news, etc. 
  2. Lists & Learning: Tutorials, Exposes, How-Tos, Top 5 lists, Case Studies and everything in between.
  3. Showcases & Spotlights: Success stories, attorney interviews, partner intros, case wins, case loses & lessons, Q & As, Live events, recent victories and more.  
  4. Firm Announcements: Hiring announcements, new service offerings, employee promotions, awards & recognition, new office location/moving, etc. 
  5. Community & Networking: Pro-bono cases, upcoming seminars or webinars, community service opportunities/participation, networking events, industry expert interviews/Q & As, Podcasts, etc. 

Where do I find content? 

A great way to keep up to date w/ current events is to subscribe to your favorite attorney news websites or social media pages or even set-up a Google alert for certain keywords and phrases. 

Once you have your lawyer blog topics and your content ready to write, make sure to link back to some of your sources for two very important reasons. First off, citing your sources is the ethical thing to do, and, secondly, incorporating backlinks into your blog posts is important for your SEO! 

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