Completing a Competitive Marketing Analysis for an Estate Planning Firm

Completing a Competitive Marketing Analysis for Your Estate Planning Firm

Competitive marketing analysis will help identify where your estate planning firm stands against its competitors.

A market analysis will give direct insight into your company’s and competitors strengths and weaknesses. From there, your business can develop a marketing blueprint that can help your business grow stronger, build search engine optimization (SEO), and help your company rank higher in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs). 

What is a Competitive Marketing Analysis? 

A competitive analysis is a marketing strategy that involves researching competitors within your niche and with similar domain authority, gaining insight into their website, products, sales, reviews, and marketing tactics.  

Why Should You Complete a Competitive Analysis for Your Estate Planning Firm?

There are many benefits to completing a competitive marketing analysis for your estate planning law firm which include:

  • Pinpointing problems by reading their customer reviews and implementing their suggestions into your brand and services.
  • Analyzing the keywords they rank for so you can build up your SEO portfolio and start ranking for the same keywords. 
  • Identify what they are doing right so you can stay on-trend and relevant within your niche.
  • Determining what makes you different from your competitors so you can dictate those differences in your marketing efforts. 
  • Find gaps in the market to help you develop new products, programs, and services. 

How Can a Comparative Market Analysis Help with SEO? 

Believe it or not, it’s possible to analyze the strength of your competitor’s SEO strategy, but first, you have to figure out who your competitors are! Start by making a list of who you believe are your top competitors. From there, focus on websites that rank highly for the main target keywords you would like to rank for. Make sure to stay realistic! It’s going to be nearly impossible to outrank certain sites like the American Bar Association, Etc. 

A Competitive Market Analysis can help your SEO because you can use the information to:

  • Guage your own SEO performance
  • Reveal your competitor’s SEO strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover their winning SEO procedures
  • Critique and identify your own pitfalls
  • Develop a new SEO gameplan to rank higher than your competitors

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