The Influence of Community on Your Law Firm

*Your business community is the backbone of your law firm. It builds morale, offers support, and drives you company to new clientele*

Growing your business is at the forefront of every small business owner’s mind. Refining a business community, building an online presence, and establishing a positive rapport within your local community are all major steps toward creating a well-respected, top-quality law firm.

Why Is Community Important in Business? 

Community in business is important because, without a community, you wouldn’t be in business! 

  1. Networking: Building a community with like-minded, business-oriented folks, usually within your same town. Refining your business network through masterminds and collaborative groups keeps you accountable, challenges your mind, offers support, and markets your company through word of mouth.
  2. Local Community: Establishing a presence within your local community can start by joining your local Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring school programs or events, or donating to local causes. Putting your name out to the world can make a bigger impact than you can imagine. 
  3. Online Presence: Your online presence builds a community with a larger audience. Over ⅓ of potential clients start their attorney search online. That means they’re looking at your website and social media researching how you interact with people and whether or not your posts add value and are geared toward nothing but sales. 

How do you create a community for your business?

Creating a community for your business is all about the present. You have to take the time to interact and engage with your followers and clientele. Make an effort in mastering the following and your community will soon follow: 

  1. Engagement: Be present on social media, write blog posts, answer questions, create videos and tutorials, and engage with every single person within your niche who communicates with your social channels.
  2. Guest blogging: Collaborate with like-minded lawyers or business owners and guest post on each other’s websites or newsletters. Not only will this help you reach a wider audience, but it can also help build better search engine optimization (SEO) on your website. 
  3. Supporting Others: Back to networking! Joining a networking group is such an important component of building a community for your business. Not only will it challenge you as an individual and help you become better at what you do, but it will also help you form deep-rooted relationships with people who can help you get through hard times when your business hits a rough patch. 

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