Evergreen Content for Estate Planning Firms in White Letters on Blue Background with Evergreen Tree

Evergreen Content For Estate Planning Law Firms

Evergreen Content is an important content marketing strategy for estate planning firms. Evergreen articles on your website and social media platforms are helpful for building SEO and for getting websites to rank on search engine ranking pages (SERPs). 

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content is material that covers topics that are relevant and everlasting. Blog posts, articles, videos, and interviews with topics that remain “fresh” for your readers and audience are considered “evergreen”. By definition, there is no time limit on interest in evergreen content, and articles and posts can stay relevant for years.  

Why is it Called Evergreen?

Evergreen trees retain their green color year-round. Much like the gorgeous, flourishing plants, regardless of the season, evergreen content is always relevant to readers. 

What are Some Topic Ideas for Estate Planning Lawyers? 

The following topics would be great informational evergreen topics for estate planning attorneys: 

  1. The Basics of Writing a Will
  2. Power of Attorney FAQs
  3. The Purpose of Living Wills & Advanced Directives
  4. Types of Trusts
  5. The Process of Probate

What are NOT Evergreen Posts? 

  1. Popular news articles
  2. Holiday posts 
  3. Pop culture content
  4. Latest court proceedings
  5. Annual statistics or reports

Tips for Creating Evergreen Content for Your Law Firm

  1. Use what you have first! Work smarter, not harder. Scroll through your old blog posts and articles to reuse and repurpose the most relevant content you’ve already written. 
  2. Go Beyond the Blog. Don’t just write articles. Create evergreen videos too. Get in front of the camera and make some quick and simple videos on a variety of topics that will never grow old. 
  3. Create Content with the following prompts in mind:
    1. Industry Terms/Jargon
    2. How To’s
    3. Top Tips
    4. General Checklists
    5. Do’s/Don’ts

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