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Easy Organic Lead Generation for Lawyers

Lead generation for lawyers can be achieved organically with a bit of time and fine-tuning. Maintaining a steady stream of leads while nurturing the relationships of long-time clients is an essential part of growing into a successful top-ranking law firm. 

What does lead generation mean? 

Lead generation is the process of attracting new prospects to a company’s products or services and converting them into clients &/or customers. 

How can I grow my law firm organically? 

Growing a  law firm organically means building a business through word of mouth by using its own resources, internal processes, and product offerings. 

For example, to grow organically, a small law firm can implement an engaging social media and blogging/vlogging strategy that helps gain a strong local following. This, in turn, helps build the firm’s social followers and client base, organically growing its profits without the company having to spend any money on pay-per-click advertising.  

What are the types of easy lead generation for law firms
to grow organically?

There are 2 major types of lead generation or ways to approach prospective clients in order to grow your firm organically:

  1. Outbound Marketing: Sending OUT e-newsletters to email subscribers
  2. Inbound Marketing: Attracting leads IN via your website, blog, social media

What are some easy organic
lead-generation ideas for lawyers?

  1. Building basic local SEO strategies through a Google Business Page
  2. A professional website with well-researched keywords and easy-to-find calls-to-action (CTAs) leading potential clients to a free downloadable/ newsletter sign-up form, etc.
  3. Implementing a content marketing strategy through newsletters, blog posts, podcasts, videos, vlogs, webinars, infographics, and worksheets. 
  4. Speaking at conferences or networking events and holding interviews on local websites, newsletters, podcasts, or news shows OR hosting a party, gala, or charity event for a local non-profit and promoting it through social channels, email, and blog posts. 
  5. Building a referral network and email drip campaign using your Sphere of Influence.

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