What is Law Firm Market Segmentation?

Think of your law firm as an archer and your potential clients as the target.  No, you’re not trying to pin them down or take them out. We mean trying to hit them metaphorically. You know what we mean. You could shoot arrows in every direction and hope for the best, or you could aim […]

Why Do Law Firms Need Digital Marketing?

Gone are the days when law firms could rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals and traditional advertising methods to attract clients.  In the age of the internet, digital marketing has become essential for law firms to stay competitive, build their brand, and connect with potential clients. So, why exactly do law firms need digital marketing?  Join […]

Are Law Firms Allowed to Advertise?

Ah, the tantalizing world of advertising.  It’s filled with catchy jingles, flashy billboards, and persuasive commercials.  But when it comes to law firms, the question arises: are they allowed to advertise?  Fear not, dear reader, for we shall venture into the realm of law firm marketing and advertising, shedding light on the dos, the don’ts, […]

What Should a Law Firm Spend on Marketing?

Ah, the age-old question: “What should my law firm spend on marketing?”  As with anything in life, once you’ve spent your investment and any money you have, it’s gone forever, so you absolutely must take the time to make sure you’re spending it in the right places. Well, worry not, dear reader, for you have […]

How to Market Law Firms on Social Media

Oh, social media – the ever-changing landscape of likes, shares, and hashtags. It’s not just for sharing your vacation snaps anymore; it’s also a powerful tool for law firm marketing!  However, that’s only the case if you choose your platforms wisely, develop a strategy, and don’t get caught in the same traps that so many […]

How Can Lawyers Attract New Clients?

Attracting new clients is essential for any law firm’s growth and success.Of course. You know that.The real point to think about, however, is how you actually do that.Run online ads? Write 100 blog posts? Go viral on TikTok? Shout about your business in the street, hoping someone wants your service?In today’s competitive landscape, it’s crucial […]

Why is Marketing Important for Lawyers?

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving world, you may wonder why marketing is essential for lawyers.  Surely such practices are reserved for e-commerce businesses, enterprises selling software, and your local gardening center. Perhaps as a law firm, having a website and running an ad here or there is enough? Clients will find you, right? Well, not exactly. […]

What is a Legal Marketing Specialist?

As a modern law firm, you’re probably wondering how to stand out in the digital landscape and reach your target audience.  With over 449,000 registered law firms in the US alone, it’s undoubtedly a tough slog to the realms of success and growth, especially when you’re only a small team of people trying to get […]

What is the BEST way to market a law firm?

Nowadays, everyone knows the basics of marketing a business. Whatever guide, podcast, or blog post you follow, it’s usually the same content in a different package. Which is fine. It happens because those strategies work, but what’s the best approach? What’s the venture that will reward you with the best ROI and push the needle […]

What Does Marketing Do in a Law Firm?

Marketing in a law firm is a crucial component for success in today’s competitive legal landscape.  It’s essential for any business, but while you’re an expert in your chosen legal field, you might not know what the actual purpose and benefits of effective marketing can bring to your business. With clarity and understanding, you can […]