Are Law Firms Allowed to Advertise?

Ah, the tantalizing world of advertising.  It’s filled with catchy jingles, flashy billboards, and persuasive commercials.  But when it comes to law firms, the question arises: are they allowed to advertise?  Fear not, dear reader, for we shall venture into the realm of law firm marketing and advertising, shedding light on the dos, the don’ts, […]

What is a Legal Marketing Specialist?

As a modern law firm, you’re probably wondering how to stand out in the digital landscape and reach your target audience.  With over 449,000 registered law firms in the US alone, it’s undoubtedly a tough slog to the realms of success and growth, especially when you’re only a small team of people trying to get […]

What is the BEST way to market a law firm?

Nowadays, everyone knows the basics of marketing a business. Whatever guide, podcast, or blog post you follow, it’s usually the same content in a different package. Which is fine. It happens because those strategies work, but what’s the best approach? What’s the venture that will reward you with the best ROI and push the needle […]

What Does Marketing Do in a Law Firm?

Marketing in a law firm is a crucial component for success in today’s competitive legal landscape.  It’s essential for any business, but while you’re an expert in your chosen legal field, you might not know what the actual purpose and benefits of effective marketing can bring to your business. With clarity and understanding, you can […]

Why Do Law Firms Need Marketing?

In the modern world, law firms face a competitive landscape like never before.  The legal industry is evolving rapidly, with new technologies, alternative service providers, and increasing client expectations.  All the world’s industries are changing at such an incredible rate, and the legal sectors are constantly evolving while keeping up with what’s happening and the […]

Why Law Firms Fail: A Personal Look Into Common Pitfalls

John Morley once wrote; Law firms don’t just go bankrupt—they collapse. Like Dewey & LeBoeuf, Heller Ehrman, and Bingham McCutchen, law firms often go from apparent health to liquidation in a matter of months or even days. Almost no large law firm has ever managed to reorganize its debts in bankruptcy and survive. This pattern […]