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Glass Slipper Law Firm

When Lawsome was approached by this client, we recommended the development of a digital dreamboard to ensure their marketing plan was paired with the right demographics.

Abandoned by the death of her father who left no proper will, the well-being of our CEO was left to her nefarious stepmother who dwindled away her inheritance…

Today, Glass Slipper is steadfast in ensuring families, children, assets, and fortunes are firmly protected through legally-binding wills, trusts, guardianships, and other avenues of financial planning.

“How clever. Hold your tongue if you think you can go against this law firm…” – Lady Tremaine

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By harnessing Glass Slipper’s “perfect fit personas”, we would zero in on help for emotional needs, guardianship guidelines, asset protections, will writing. To boost conversions, we proposed:

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“Glass Slipper Estate Planning was the key we’d been looking for. Their help was a miracle.”

– Gus Gus

“Glass Slipper Law Firm showed us that when you’re lost it’s just a matter of finding the right fit.”

– Jaq

“Even miracles take a little time, and Glass Slipper was there every step of the way.”

– Fairy Godmother

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At Lawsome Digital, our goal is to create consistent, engaging content that builds a community of educated prospects and dedicated clients around your firm. If you’re running a contract and collections business, and want your law firm marketing to be awesome, give us a ring.

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