Case Study

Atlantica Law Firm

When Lawsome was approached by this client, we knew we needed to blend the communication from land and sea.

Atlantica Law was established when the lead attorney found herself quite literally “in over her fin” with an ironclad arbitrary contract.

In an effort to rescue others from these same trenches, she became a contract law attorney. Atlantica Law Firm is passionate about helping clients explore their legal options, promptly collect their clams, and resolve conflicts in a splash.

“The poor, unfortunate souls that go against this law firm…” – Ursula

To increase her audience and engage her target clients, we proposed the following:

  • Set up a personalized sales pipeline through targeted landing pages for prospects who surfed the internet.
  • Create a monthly newsletter delivered via a newly implemented flounder-mail system to keep current clients up to date on industry news and happenings.
  • Convert social media channels into a virtual grotto, offering whozits, whatzits, glimpses, treasures, and tips galore on how to authenticate and manuerve contracts, collections, and other streams of contract law.

“The team at Atlantica Law Firm was imperative to my business. Without them, I’d have lost Whosits and Whatsists galore.”

– Flounder

“The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake. The human world, it’s a mess. Atlantica smoothly navigates it for you.”

– Sebastian

“I encourage you to reach out to Atlantica Law for all of your contract and collections needs. After all, have I ever been wrong?”

– Scuttle

Family Law Marketing that Works!

A Marketing Team Your Firm Can Trust

At Lawsome Digital, our goal is to create consistent, engaging content that builds a community of educated prospects and dedicated clients around your firm. If you’re running a contract and collections business, and want your law firm marketing to be awesome, give us a ring.